Lovely Strangers – Profile


ACT DETAILS ________________________________________

Type of Act: 2 / 3 Piece Band

The Lovely Strangers are a dynamic, musical duo from Dublin made up of Heather Lawrie and Gavin Sheridan. The two have a vast amount of experience performing both together and apart and provide a lively and entertaining performance for any audience. Playing music from all genres; from R&B to Rock and Roll, these two show their great love for music in every song they play.

Heather Lawrie, the lead singer of The Lovely Strangers, has been singing since before she could talk. Her jazz influenced voice allows her to give a unique twist to nearly every song she sings, making for a truly mesmerising performance.

Gavin Sheridan, the guitarist of The Lovely Strangers, is a highly talented and experienced guitarist whose enthusiasm for his craft shines through his performance. Both he and Heather are both studying music in Dublin.

The Lovely Strangers are the perfect duo for every occasion, from small pub gigs to wedding receptions to church ceremonies; The Lovely Strangers can do it all!

Please do come along and say hello, we would love to see your lovely faces!



Special occasions covered (2hr gig):
21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, Wedding

EXPERIENCE _______________________________________

Type of music played: Current, Pop, Top 40,60’s ,70’s, 80’s

Sample song list:
Amy Winehouse
Bruno Mars
The Beatles
The White Stripes
Paolo Nutini
Dolly Parton
K.T Tunstall
Tracy Chapman
Michael Buble
Johnny Cash
The Monkees
Mumford and Sons
Christina Perri
Stevie Wonder
The Lumineers

Interact with crowd: Yes

Previous venues played:
Bradys of SHankhill
The Tolka House
CoachHouse Roundwood
The Kelltic Bar
KCR House
Ardmore Bar
Smok Alley Theatre

EQUIPMENT ________________________________________

Instruments played:
Acoustic Guitar, Female Vocal

Tracks: No

Acoustic gig: Yes

Sound equipment:
Yamaha Mixing Desk and Yamaha Active Speakers, Shure Mics .

Lighting equipment:
Yes, small uplights .

Break/Interval music: Yes


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