ACT DETAILS ________________________________________

Type of Act: Band (3 Piece or more)

Seán – Bass and Vocal
With over 20 years of experience as a bassist, Seán is also our sound guy/ techie in the band, working endlessly to have us sounding great.
One of the quieter members of the team when not on the mic, Seán enjoys performing and thinks it a privilege to watch people enjoy the band.

Aobhín – Lead Vocal
Although Aobh is a little lady, you should not be fooled. Her vocal range has been known to carry for miles. Ask the lads!
Having worked mainly as a soul singer over the past 15 years, Aobh loves to put her own twist on all your favourite songs.
With a background in Events and PR, Aobh has the ability to work the crowd and gets stuck in on the party when opportunity presents itself.

Nev – Guitar

Born with a guitar in hand, our Nev never fails to keep the band entertained with his sense of humour. Playing any style, Nev gives our act the “funky feel” we all love.Nev has been known to draw silence in a room with the odd dirty joke… Approach with Caution!

Mike – Drums and Vocal
With decades of experience as a drummer, Mike has added yet more fun and laughter to the group.
Mike’s dedication to enjoying what he does, endless experience on the wedding scene and enthusiastic attitude, perfects how our team operates.
Mike will talk you through your wedding plans and incorporate music to fit your needs.

Bryan – Keys and Piano
Despite being the youngest member of the band, Bryan has been performing professionally for 10 years.
Enjoying a variety of styles, he is an enthusiastic improviser and loves to play familiar songs in an innovative and unconventional way.
If you listen really closely, you may catch him playing a cheeky lick from a nursery rhyme.

Special occasions covered (2hr gig):
21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, Ballad event, Wedding

EXPERIENCE _______________________________________

Type of music played: Soul, Rock, Pop, Country, Jazz, you name it we cover it

Sample song list:
Stevie Wonder
James Brown
Otis Redding
Marvin Gaye
Bruno Mars
One Republic
Maroon 5
Bon Jovi
Elton John

Interact with crowd: Yes

Previous venues played:
The Martello, Bray
The Old Orchard, Rathfarnham
Empire, Swords
Bakers Corner, Deansgrange
Quinlans, Clondalkin
Boomers, Clondalkin

EQUIPMENT ________________________________________

Instruments played:
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, keyboards

Tracks: No

Acoustic gig: Yes

Sound equipment:
We have two separate rigs depending on the size of venue. We visit each venue to establish which one we use.

Lighting equipment:
Yes, we have a T bar and four up lighters

Break/Interval music: Yes


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