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2. The-Valves-Waterloo-sunset

ACT DETAILS_________________________________________

Type of Act: Band (3 Piece )


‘Electric , Eccentric and extremely entertaining, go see The Valves if you love live music !’ (Leinster Express)
The Valves are a 3 pice rock band that play rock music from the last 50 years. Cover the likes of Springsteen to the Pearl Jam , Nirvana to The Strokes , Kinks to the Killers to name a few.Their set is a mix of modern classics and retro gems. They never fail to generate a summer music festival feel .

Special occasions covered (2hr gig):
30th, 40th, 50th


Type of music played: indie rock , 60’s , 70’s 80’s , 90’s 00’s rock, Electric guitar Music

Sample song list:
Bruce Springsteen, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Cure, Johnny Cash, The Killers, House Martins, The Strokes, Ramones, Kings of leon, Black Keys, Pixies, The Smiths, Jackie Wilson

Interact with crowd: Yes

Previous Venues played:
Square Bar, Sally Gardens , De Bruns -Portlaoise,
Goban Saor , Village Pump , Judge Roy Beans – Kildare
Ryans Bar , The Nixon – Kilkenny
Din Ri , O loughlans – Carlow
The Piano Bar – Mullingar


Instruments played: Electric Guitar , Bass , Drums

Tracks: No

Acoustic gig: No

Sound equipment:
Electric guitar amp 60 watt tube,
300 watt bass amp
5 piece full drum kit
main PA system is a 3 k rig

Lighting equipment: Various LED and lamp lights, strobe , lazer

Break/Interval music: Yes


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