Live Demos Recording Studio


Promotional Videos: Greatly Discounted:
– Studio Recorded Demos – Various studio backgrouds available.
– Multiple HD Cameras, Lighting and Microphones.
– All recorded through Beringer X32 Desk and computer interface.
– Professionally mastered and edited with latest software.
1 Piece Acts :
2 Piece Acts :
3 Piece Acts :
4 Piece Acts :
(Drum kits extra due to addtional set-up & recording equipment)
– Additional songs on request
– Alternative requirments (Prices on request)

Childrens Talent Agency Demos:
-Demo Video / Audio
Singing, Narration, Dancing, Instruments professionally recorded in our studio
or at your choice of location.
– Tracks for singers or Musicians available (Additional fee)
– All demos supplied on USB / CD (Duplication Services Available)

Streaming Services:
– Rental of studio and equipment for live or pre recorded streaming.
– Multi pro cameras, studio condenser microphones and large screen for comments section.
– Various studio backgrounds available, Fast internet connection.
– Rental includes for our engineer to control streaming software, cameras etc. and to assist
with live comments, acknowledgements and requests as they come in.
– Hourly rate, plus small fee for setup of equipment to your particular requirments and
connection to your streaming platform. (Prices on request)

Audio Track Recording And Mastering:
Studio track recording services or own pre recorded tracks.
professionally mixed and mastered for radio, social media or
album production.Mixing and Mastering per track – 3 Revisions.
Fee: per hour

Demonstration Videos:
Demonstration/instruction/workshop videos created for
publication on social media or for distribution.
(eg. Cooking, Fitness, DIY, Dancing, Children activities, Story telling, Arts & Crafts)

Mobile Studio Service:
Most of our equipment can be provided off-site to record video and audio
services at a location of your choice. (Mobile service prices on request)


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