Marty Mullally


ACT DETAILS_________________________________________

I’m a 22 year old singer/songwriter/producer and have been gigging for over six years as part of a band, as a solo act and as a dep for wedding and function bands.. I have supported acts such as Calum Scott, Hometown, Walking On Cars, Damien Dempsey and more.

I’m currently in my final year studying in BIMM Dublin. I would attribute vocals as my main instrument but I have been playing guitar for over twelve years and can also play that proficiently. I play cover songs for many different age groups at many types of functions.


Type of music played: Old hits – current hits.

Sample song list:
1. Stevie Wonder
2. Kings of Leon
3. Bruno Mars
4. Marvin Gaye
5. Cee-lo Green
6. Bruno Mars
7. Ed Sheeran
8. The Monkees
9. Garth Brooks
10. Justin Timberlake
11. Van Morrison
12. The Weeknd
13. Mundy
14. Mumford and Sons
15. Bryan Adams

Interact with crowd: Yes

Previous venues played:
– Sky and the Ground
– Croke Park
– Castlemartyr Resort (Cork)
– Tolka House
– The Crown Bar
– The Mezz Bar
– Bad Bob’s
– Maggie Mays
– Newpark Hotel (Kilkenny)
– Mary Barrys (Wexford)



Instruments played:
Acoustic guitar

Tracks: No

Acoustic gig: Yes

Sound equipment:
– Microphone (SM58)
– Microphone stand
– Music stand
– Acoustic guitar (Lag)
– Leads (XLR and guitar jacks)
– Vocal processor (BOSS ve-20)
– Aux Cable

Lighting equipment:

Break/Interval music: Yes


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